Precision Agriculture

Variable rate technology is not about saving money or using less. It's about proper resource allocation, timing and placement - maximizing efficiency of your current input budget.

Variable Rate Application Consulting:

Seeding: Achieve a more consistent, ideal-density crop. Maximize the yield potential of each of your zones by managing the seeding requirements independently. To make it even easier, variable capable drills can implement VR seeding at the same time as your fertilizer.


Fertilizer: Help your crop compensate for landscape features, environmental factors, runoff areas, soil zones and more. Variably apply your fertilizer to assist your crop in maturing evenly and helping you to more efficiently utilize your inputs. Soil testing and benchmarking is an integral part of our process.


Fungicide: Protect the thick dense portion of the crop without spending money on the thin crop that will not produce to the maximum potential regardless of application. This does not mean cutting the rate across the field but rather having the correct rate in the correct location in your field.


How We Do It:

Planning Session: The first step is always to develop a precision agronomy plan, similar to the crop plans we already assist you with. Your precision ag program needs to meet the needs and goals of your business.


Zone Determination: Through a combination of electrical conductivity, satellite imagery and on-ground scouting we will divide your field into relevant management zones


Soil Testing: To recommend what is best for your field, we have to know what is already there. First, we determine the geo-reference points to test, which will also allow us to benchmark your results. We then take extensive samples and provide you with a comprehensive analysis report.


Recommendations: Only after diligence to the above steps do we begin to make agronomic recommendations to help you achieve your yield and efficiency goals. These recommendations come with prescription implementation maps specific to your equipment.


In-Field Support: We don't just make maps and wish you luck. We ensure the maps communicate with your equipment to variably apply your inputs. We also follow-up in-season to monitor the progress of your field and assist with agronomic decisions and issues.


A few other services Webb’s offers to our clients: data management, electrical conductivity mapping, custom soil testing, precision ag equipment consulting, crop scouting, land management plans, carbon aggregation, drainage plans, professional agronomic consulting and more.